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Wrath Recoil Disposable Tubes 1-inch - Diamond

Wrath Recoil Disposable Tubes 1-inch - Diamond

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Tube Configuration

OUT OF STOCK TUBES - Please note that some sizes and configurations might be out of stock. Demands on tubes have declined greatly after the introduction of pen machines and cartridges, which unfortunately resulted in a lower stock of tubes. But not to worry, you can always reach us on the phone or e-mail to place special orders for the sizes you need. Delivery is under normal circumstances around 1 week.

Introducing the Wrath Recoil Disposable Tubes. Designed for the artist looking to lower their carbon footprint, it features an all stainless steel grip with a modern feel of a stainless steel tube. Perfectly balanced and weighted to fit well in hand.

Premiere Design
Weighted design for increased balance and low vibration

Substantial Construction
Full stainless steel construction allows a firm yet comfortable in-hand grip

Full stainless steel construction is fully recyclable at participating recycling centers. Contact your local recycling center to confirm that they accept metal that may contain bloodborne pathogens.

Optimal Performance
Perfect when used with Tatsoul Foam Grip Covers. Grips offer better shock absorption in combination with the low vibration coil design during use

Available to purchase solo or as a combo with the Wrath Foam Grip Covers

Package Contents:
10 Tubes/Box Tubes individually packaged and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas

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