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Vlad Blad Irons

Vlad Blad - Power Supply 3A 4.0

Vlad Blad - Power Supply 3A 4.0

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Power Supply 3A 4.0

Multi-purpose power supply in the classic design by VladBlad Irons combining compact size and all functions you need for comfortable work.
It's made from full piece of aluminum.

If you don't want to lose power, if you travel a lot and need to use a compact lightweight power supply with comfortable functionality and accurate setting of voltage, choose our PowerBox!

Advantage of our PowerBox 4.0:

— Real 3 Amps, 1-19V output, 19-20V input
— Lightweight
— Powerful magnet for attachment
— Led display
— Slight adjustment
— You can use any laptop adapter with standard connector with similar parameters
— Digital «footswitch» (one short click on encoder for switching on)
— 2 memory cells (long pressure on encoder for switching between cells)
— Nonvolatile memory
— Standard connector —6,3 mm Jack
— Qualitative parts

We give 2 years of warranty for the power supply and 1 year for adapter. In case of physical damage of cords and power supply, as well as case opening the warranty service will be lost. If you consider the power supply is not worth the money paid, you can return it during 2 weeks. It should be in it’s initial condition and package.

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