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Tattoo Andy - A journey of a lifetime DVD - STUDIO PACK 5PCS

Tattoo Andy - A journey of a lifetime DVD - STUDIO PACK 5PCS

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Tattoo Andy - A journey of a lifetime DVD (60 minutes plus 50 minutes bonus material)

Studio Pack 5 DVD's 

Get 5 copies of the DVD and sell it in your Tattoo studio. Earn some money! Recommended price is 250sek plus 25% tax (312,50kr) so sell it for 299:- or something.

This movie is a documentary about Tattoo-Andy (Andy Larsson), who started tattooing only ten years old, inspired by his father and some sailor friends of his, who all had tattoos.

His story begins in Halmstad and continues in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, where he at first is working with the legendary tattoo artist Tato-Jack and later on with Tato-Ole. Andy returns to Sweden, to Gothenburg, and in 1992 he begins a new era in Halmstad which ties it all together. 

Rare materials that never been showed before. Filmed by the great film director Stefan Frankel.




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