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TatSoul - Wrath Gel Cartridge Grip 1,5´ (38mm) - 10-pack´

TatSoul - Wrath Gel Cartridge Grip 1,5´ (38mm) - 10-pack´

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Wrath Gel Cartridge GripThe Gel Grips are designed to offer comfort and utility to artists of every style. This unique grip is made from surgical-grade gel which accommodates both a soft texture and a firm grip. The gel material better absorbs motion, so it caters to artists who enjoy a flexible and comfortable grip option.

  • Ergonomic "Nexus" shape and comfortable gel grip
  • Precision lock mechanism to hold all popular cartridge brands (like Envy Cartridges)
  • Available in three (3) sizes (1", 1.25", 1.5")
  • 10 grips/box individually packaged and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas
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