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Sugarcane Ink Cap 10mm

Sugarcane Ink Cap 10mm

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We have observed that some of the new REACH-compliant tattoo colors may cause these ink cups to leak due to different alcohol solutions than pre REACH. As a result of this we have lowered the price to next to nothing and can thus unfortunately not provide refunds or product exchange for them. Some colors will cause more leakage over time than others so you might not experience leakage at all.

Sugarcane Ink Caps 200pcs. 

Eviroment friendly ink caps. Made of sugar cane plants. One of the most enviroment friendly way to produce paper. This ink caps stays solid for hours and hours trough the natural wax surface (vegan). All produced in a high grade certified clean room process. Not sterile but as clean as it can get without sterlization. Be enviroment smart and get this caps now. Lundberg Custom works constantly to get more enviroment products in our catalog without jeopardy the quality. 


Available in 10,15 & 18mm diameter. 


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