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Quantum Ink

Quantum Tattoo Ink - Gold Label Mystique 30ml

Quantum Tattoo Ink - Gold Label Mystique 30ml

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Mystique is now REACH Compliant! This royal blue tattoo ink may not let you actually shapeshift like Mystique, but you can have her unique blue skin tone with an awesome tattoo artist and this color.

The vibrant and high-quality tattoo ink you have come to trust is now REACH Compliant!  To ensure that you are purchasing REACH Compliant tattoo ink, look for the gold design on the label.

There may be slight color variations between our original tattoo ink produced in the USA and our REACH Compliant tattoo ink made in Europe. As always, Quantum Tatoo Inks are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and made only from the highest quality ingredients.

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