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Prime Pen Machine 4.2 - Single Machine

Prime Pen Machine 4.2 - Single Machine

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Where affordability meets quality – The PRIME X Critical Pen.

This advanced tattoo machine offers you all the ingenious features you have come to expect from high-quality devices, such as the Power WAND and Critical Torque, at an extremely attractive price.

The PRIME Pen is reliable, offers plenty of power with its Japanese brush motor, and is available in a 3.5 or 4.2mm stroke. Easy to clean and maintain thanks to the PRIME Tool to disassemble the machine.

Critical's well-established battery technology provides the necessary juice with a magnetic plug connection, which we already know from other machines. This makes it possible to use the Critical V3 battery and the batteries from the Bishop Power WAND in addition to the battery supplied and to replace it quickly and efficiently while working. The supplied battery displays all the essential parameters on the top of the machine in an easy-to-read format and controls the machine intuitively using three buttons.

Hygiene is a particular highlight of the machine. The machine can be dismantled using the tool supplied and can be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. Even the inner plunger bar can be reached and cleaned if a cartridge membrane cracks or contaminants enter the machine.

The PRIME x Critical Pen is available with stroke lengths of 3.5mm and 4.2mm.

The 3.5mm machine is particularly suitable for Black & Grey artists and anyone who prefers a slightly softer but fast machine for their style.

The 4.2 machine is aimed primarily at tattoo artists who do bold line work and colour packing.

Of course, both are still possible with either stroke length; it's up to you!

Product features & specifications:

  • Reliable Japanese brush motor
  • Easily interchangeable battery with magnetic connection
  • Also compatible with Critical V3 and Bishop Power Wand batteries
  • High-capacity 2000mAh battery
  • The PRIME Battery used with the PRIME Pen will run for around 7 hours from max charge
  • Compatible with most cartridges
  • Compatible with Prime Disposable Grips, which help minimise vibration and hand fatigue and increase hygiene - expected April 2024!
  • Jumpstart on/off feature
  • Best hygiene and extensive maintenance with the PRIME Tool to disassemble the machine
  • Dimensions: 32mm (diameter) x 140mm (length)
  • Weight: 180g
  • 1 year warranty backed by Critical Tattoo.

Packaging includes 1 PRIME Pen machine, 1 x PRIME x Critical Pen Battery, 1 PRIME Tool, 1 x USB-C cable

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