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JUST INK - Hickory Brown - 1oz / 30ml

JUST INK - Hickory Brown - 1oz / 30ml

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JUST INK is Europe's first ink for professional tattoo artists that both meets all the new rules for REACH and covers the complete color spectrum.

JUST INK is produced in Germany and was developed and tested over a period of 3 years. The colors meet all the requirements that professional tattoo artists rightly demand:

JUST INK colors are easy to work with, easy to handle, deliver perfect results, heal brilliantly and show a low allergic potential.

Our colors have 25 years of development experience from Deep Colors! and the expertise of numerous professional tattoo artists, some with more than 30 years of professional experience.

The pigments used are characterized by high stability and have been used successfully in the industry for many years. Our sophisticated raw material management ensures that the colors produced comply with the applicable legal regulations.

The most modern production technologies turn JUST INK colors into a product of the highest quality. Liquid tattoo inks with a high pigment concentration that are easy to use thanks to Easy Flow technology. Thanks to the Narrow Band Dispersion Technology, they have optimized pigment storage and at the same time the best compatibility. Advanced Skin Sealing Technology reduces bleeding of the pigments and thus achieves a very high color density.

Longer stinging and less skin irritation: For the first time, the new Skin Friendly Dispersant Technology is used in JUST INK colors.

The microbiologically stable paint can be used for one year after opening with correct storage and handling.

Just Ink Distribution GmbH

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