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Ink Machines

Ink Machines Cobra Grip - 30mm Regular Cartridge

Ink Machines Cobra Grip - 30mm Regular Cartridge

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Cobra Grips have a 30 degree bayonet fitting instead of a multi turn thread for better fitting on the machine. It allows the needle adjustment to be made "on the fly" by turning the battery instead of turning the handle. The needle depth is preserved when the grip is removed and re-fitted to the machine. This feature also makes sure that the battery and needle stays aligned when the needle is adjusted. 
This grip can only be used with regular cartridges.

Standard B-cycle steam autoclavable @ 134deg C.

* Do NOT use hot air autoclave and do NOT use alkaline or acid cleaning agents with strong bases (high or low pH). Doing so will damage the grips and warranty will be void.

Made In Sweden

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