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Hustle Butter

Hustle Bubbles Deluxe Antimicrobial Foam Wash - 207ml

Hustle Bubbles Deluxe Antimicrobial Foam Wash - 207ml

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Hustle Bubbles Deluxe is the ideal green soap replacement for tattoo artists who love the smell and soothing effects of Hustle Butter Deluxe!

Suitable for skin cleaning before tattooing, in-process washes, and even afterwards during healing, Hustle Bubbles Deluxe keeps skin supple and moisturised.

This foaming solution is all-natural, vegan-friendly and full of nourishing ingredients which care for your skin. And it's not just good for tattoos - you can use Hustle Bubbles Deluxe to keep fresh piercings clean and calm.

There's no need to dilute: Hustle Bubbles Deluxe comes in a foaming soap pump.

You Cant Knock The Hustle!

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