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Head Lamp package with rechargeable batteries and charger

Head Lamp package with rechargeable batteries and charger

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A powerful Cree LED headlamp with rechargeable batterias 18650 size of 3000 mAh each. Comes with battery charger one extra battery adaptor for standard 3xAAA batteries.

LED-lamp last for 100.000 hours. 

The 3000mAh LG HG2 Battery last for ever but make sure you have another charged battery ready. This is a must have at conventions or dark enviroments. 

Three light modes: strong, soft or blinking. Blinking isnt usable at all in the shop obviously. But who knows if there is gonna be an afterparty in the shop and you need the disco lights you got it ha ha... 

This is the most Bang for the Bucks ever! 


- Led Head Lamp - Fully adjustable and comfortable.

- Battery Charger -  XTAR VC2 LCD USB Li-ion

- 2x LG HG2 18650 3000M mAh Batteries

- Battery case.

Be aware of the power of theese batteries. Always use the battery case when batteries are out ofthe device.  

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