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Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 5.0 Black

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 5.0 Black

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PLEASE NOTE! Right now Cheyenne machines are ordered on demand, so there is a slightly longer delivery time. We estimate about 3-5 days extra, but note that this may vary.


With the SOL Nova Unlimited, we have both extended the incomparable features of the SOL Nova by adding the Responsive Mode and provided it with a user-friendly, rechargeable battery. The functions of a complete power unit have been integrated into this wireless tattoo machine which, for the first time, is operated by a single button. The frequency of the SOL Nova Unlimited is adjusted quickly and intuitively by holding this button while tilting the machine. This unprecedented, revolutionary operating concept can be experienced continuously, as the SOL Nova Unlimited runs longer than the supplied spare battery needs to be charged. Tattooing has never been easier, more intuitive or more free - an unlimited experience!

The SOL Nova Unlimited is powered by a Panasonic NCR18500A cell. If you need more than the two batteries supplied, you can obtain them from your local battery shop.


• Maximum freedom of movement through cordless operation

• Intuitive working via revolutionary one-button operation and motion control

• Minimum 5 hours running time with only 3 hours charging time (at 5V and min. 2A)

• Cheyenne-typical, quiet and low-vibration operation

• 2 operating modes: Steady Mode (hit/frequency: constant) and Responsive Mode (hit/frequency: reactive)

• Wide frequency bandwidth from 25 Hz to 140 Hz

• 4.0 mm/0.16 inch stroke (SOL Nova Unlimited 4.0) for demanding lining and color packing

• Compatible with Disposable Grips Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round - the hygienically and safely packaged disposable grips

• Steplessly adjustable needle depth (0 – 3,0 mm SOL Nova Unlimited 5.0)

• Easy to cover

• Included accessories: Cheyenne protective case, 2 batteries plus charger with cable

• Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)

• Made in Germany

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