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Cheyenne Safety Cartridge 20pcs - Magnums

Cheyenne Safety Cartridge 20pcs - Magnums

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A couple of years ago, the Cheyenne Safety Cartridges were a major milestone in tattoo safety, hygiene, and working simplicity. We proved our innovation leadership when we introduced the first ever tattoo cartridges, which let artists change needles within seconds. Today, tattoo cartridges are the standard of the tattoo industry and are used by artists all over the world. Safety Cartridges were copied many times but never surpassed, as we produce and inspect every single cartridge in accordance with medical standards and guarantee the highest quality. The patented safety membrane within the tattoo cartridge prevents blood and tattoo ink from getting into the grip and the tattoo machine, which offers additional safety.

We keep improving the Safety Cartridges to bring this great product as close to perfection as possible. Today, the huge Safety Cartridge range counts 143 configurations, with an especially big choice of liner and magnum options but also special cartridge variations like the Open Liners. Artists who work in realistic styles will love the new 0.25 mm magnum configurations, which are particularly gentle and perfect for soft shading and smooth transitions. For traditional, neotraditional and blackwork styles, we have new magnum configurations with a diameter of 0.40 mm that allow you to achieve high ink penetration and intense color packing. For traditional and old-school artists 0.35 mm liner and shader configurations are a great addition.

We changed the plastic needle housing to implement your feedback, make these tattoo cartridges even more comfortable to use and increase the precision of the needles. It is clear to us: There is no reason not to use the original tattoo cartridges, the Cheyenne Safety Cartridges.


  • 143 different needle configurations for maximal artistic freedom.
  • 0.25 – 0.40 mm needle sizes, different taper lengths and textures available.
  • Colored caps for easy identification of the configuration.
  • Cheyenne-typical, microscopic, 100% quality control.
  • Patented Safety Membrane prevents fluids from entering the grip and the associated cross-contamination.
  • The tightness of the safety membrane in our cartridges complies with the requirements of the European standard EN 17169 Tattooing - Safe and hygienic practice. The documented proof of this can be downloaded here. Download it and keep it safe.
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