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AVA Wireless Pen Machine UNI-A 4.2mm - Black

AVA Wireless Pen Machine UNI-A 4.2mm - Black

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AVA UNI-A 3.5mm

The latest and shortest wireless machine from AVA. Currently one of the shortest wireless machines on the market, giving it greater balance than many other alternatives. Comes with 2 18500 Lithum Batteries, Charger and USB charging cord.



Material: Aircraft Aluminum

Motor: AVA OEM Metal Brush DC Motor

Power Intake: 5W

Motor Speed: 10500 rmp

Stroke: 3.5mm

Needle Protrusion: 0-5mm

Battery Type: 18500 Lithium-ion

Rated Capacity: 1600mAh

Size: 33mm*109mm

Weight: 198(without battery)



1. Smaller and shorter. The length is approximately equal to the length of two 18500 lithium batteries.

2. Connecting Rod System. Made it more powful, output more stable.

3. Replaceable 18500 Lithium-ion Battery.

4. High-definition OLED screen. Display voltage, hertz and power.

5. Adjustable anti-slip grip.

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