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Cheyenne Power Unit 3 ´PU3´´´

Cheyenne Power Unit 3 ´PU3´´´

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The highly innovative Power Unit III features a contactless gesture control. A simple wipe & wave movement sets the device into motion and allows a more hygienic and easier way to work. 23 frequency levels ensure absolute precesion.

The PU III can be fixated with eight integrated magnets and a removable metal plate. This way, the PU III can be positioned on different locations, and it fastened safely onto small metal surfaces. The integrated sensor recognizes the actual position of the PU III and rotates - just like a tablet pc- the display according to the location reliably. Two USB- Ports allow to connect further devices.

 •Individual positioning. 23 frequency levels due

To contactless gesture (wipe & wake movement)

 •Positioning sensor. Numerous ways of positioning trough

Removable and adjustable metal plate eight magnet.

 •Perfect visibility of the display in every position via

integrated positioning sensor.

 •USB power supply for up to two USB devices.

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