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Bishop Rotary

Bishop RCA Cord with lightweight micro-barrel design

Bishop RCA Cord with lightweight micro-barrel design

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Premium Lightweight RCA Cord – 6 ft. (183)cm

After 6 months of research and development Bishop Tattoo Supply is proud to announce what we feel is the best RCA cord in the industry. It’s lightweight-micro design allows for easier movement and practically no strain on your machine. This has all been done without sacrificing the integrity and strength of our RCA cord. Many people feel that heavy duty cords are the way to go, but this actually causes unnecessary weights on your machines, and would often break a lot faster due to it’s heaviness. We feel the demand was missing a lightweight, super durable, alternative – until now. We are confident that you will agree.

Gold Plated Split-tip Center Pin and Segmented Shield for maximum contact and connection reliability

Micro Barrel Design lightweight and compact sizing allows for less pull/weight on machine

Integrated Strain Relief for long-term durability

Frosted Outer Silicone Jacket for enhanced cable flexibility and less strain on machine

Gold Plated Phono Jack for enhanced connection

Reinforced Strain Relief plus extra shrink-flex support

– All RCA cords come with a 3 month warranty with no questions asked. Simply send it back with purchase receipt and contact info such as name, telephone and address and we will ship you out a new one.

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